Work with the best, not the biggest. We are a passionate, expert company of nerds and geeks, working on content-focused projects that bring real value to purpose-driven businesses. We believe in conscious consumerism and sustainable economies. We know that customer experience is as important a metric as profit or growth. We don’t follow the herd; we will push back if we feel it’s needed. If you are looking for unbiased insights and honest opinions, you’re in the right place.

Our magic


If content isn’t easy to understand, it’s not doing its job! We’re here to make sure that what you have to say is understood by everyone. We never use jargon or buzzwords and we don’t write to show off, but to communicate effectively.


Content should always be valuable. We work on the basis that content should meet your clients’ needs. Our philosophy is that the best marketing is there to help, not sell, and we encourage all our clients to share their knowledge freely.


Context is everything. We’re not here to make you fit into our plans so that we don’t have to make an effort. The best way to get results is to ensure that your strategy is right for you and that it fits your needs and suits your potential clients.


We understand the numbers. We believe firmly that if you’re going to spend resources on marketing, it’s important to know how it’s doing. We analyse what’s important and provide clear and accessible insights into your performance.

The team

At Engage, we work tirelessly to help our clients connect with their audiences.
We craft and execute marketing strategies based on quality content and inspired storytelling.

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Content Marketing Experimentalist

Justine - Engage Content Dublin


Social Marketing Addict



Customer Experience Activist

Bobby Merrill - Engage Content Marketing Dublin


Community Relations Guru

Websites we run have been finalists in the Realex Payments Web Awards, the Blog Awards,
the eirSpiders, the Digital Media Awards, and the Sockies…
We’ve been delighted to scoop Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Blog Awards.

Engage Content - B2B blog category winners - Content creation and content marketing in Dublin.

Engage Content - B2B blog category bronze Beyond Accounting - Content creation and content marketing in Dublin

Engage Content - blog awards silver winners - Content creation and content marketing in Dublin

Engage Content - blogging gold winners New Frontiers - Content creation and content marketing in Dublin

Engage Content - blogging silver winners - Content creation and content marketing in Dublin

Why Engage?

I’ve been working in communications for 25 years and been involved in a wide variety of digital and print projects. I founded Engage Content because I wanted to help businesses build sustainable marketing strategies based on great storytelling and thought leadership. For five years now, we’ve been keping ahead of the curve in content marketing and brand experience to deliver high-quality, creative solutions to the organisations we work with. Because we care about forming long-term relationships, some of our clients have been with us from day one.
As you can probably tell, this company is a reflexion of the huge passion I have for what I do. I love to knock around ideas and help people get inspired about it too. Whether you’re just looking for some friendly advice over coffee, or are planning to outsource all your marketing, get in touch to see how we can help.

Scarlet Merrill, founder & Managing Director

We’ve produced content for

of Irish businesses are online
of Irish people check their device before breakfast
of Irish people own a smartphone
of Irish people made an online purchase in the last 30 days