Born in the UK, Scarlet spent part of her in childhood in South America before her family settled in the English home counties. She moved to France in her twenties, where she lived for over a decade before settling in Dublin a few years ago. She founded Engage Content in January 2015 to fill a void she felt existed between companies offering services such as SEO and PPC, and digital agencies delivering traditional marketing services.

Scarlet’s mission is to make the web a better place by helping businesses to be more human online – to stop hiding behind corporate brand speak and connect with audiences in a genuine and mutually beneficial way. This is the guiding principle behind Engage Content.

Words are the driving force behind Engage Content’s services. Below are some examples of Scarlet’s writing from around the web. For examples of pieces we have ghostwritten, please get in touch.

Articles by Scarlet Merrill

Five ways your website is hurting your business - Engage Content Marketing - Scarlet Merrill

Five ways your website is hurting your business | Engage Content

We all know that having a website is now essential for business. Whether it’s a tiny brochure site or a complicated ecommerce site, there’s no denying that an online presence can help you to position your brand, get found more easily by prospects, and drive sales and growth. But that doesn’t mean that simply having any old website will be beneficial to your business… [Read the article…]

Loss, privacy, starting a business and the modern necessity of baring ones soul - Scarlet Merrill

Loss, privacy, starting a business… | Medium

There’s a juxtaposition in terms of what’s personal or private and the very public and connected world we live in thanks to the interwebs. Lots of people who are better qualified than myself have commented on and analysed this phenomenon. Many of us now share the minutiae of everyday life with anyone who cares to look, more worried about capturing a special moment on our phone than actually experiencing it… [Read the article…]

Eamonn Quinn: failure is as important as success - Scarlet Merrill

Eamonn Quinn: failure is as important as success | New Frontiers

We’ve all seen Eamonn Quinn on Dragons’ Den, but what’s it really like to listen to a pitch and decide to invest? What does it take to be a successful investor and help young companies to mature and take on the world? Eamonn’s father, Fergal Quinn, was the founder of Superquinn. Eamonn recall helping out at the supermarket chain from the age of 10, and by the time of its sale in 2005 he was Marketing Director and Deputy Chairman… [Read the article…]

Featured startup: Tim Arits - Intouch - Scarlet Merrill

Featured startup: Tim Arits – Intouch | New Frontiers

Tim and his co-founder, Javier Mey, joined the New Frontiers programme in 2015 to work on their contact app, Bundly. The idea was simple – when you change something like an address or phone number, why should it be up to your contacts to update your information? Why can’t you be responsible for keeping that information up to date, and allow it to sync with your entire network without them having to do anything?.. [Read the article…]

Featured startup: Evan Talty – Wild Irish Seaweed - Scarlet Merrill

Featured startup: Evan Talty – Wild Irish Seaweed | New Frontiers

Wild Irish Seaweed is a great example of an Irish company combining a heritage product with modern-day business practices. Originally founded in 2009 by Gerard and Eileen Talty, the family business has grown from strength to strength – its food and health products can be found on sale nationwide, but it also has a presence in overseas markets… [Read the article…]

Content Marketing Tips for Startups Scarlet Merrill

Content Marketing Tips for Startups |

As a startup, you’re always looking for ways to find new clients and grow awareness about your brand. But unless you just won the lottery, you’re probably also looking for ways to publicise your business that don’t cost the Earth. And no doubt at some point you heard about “content marketing” and thought: that sounds great, we’ll do that!.. [Read the article…]

Create a great writing routine for your company blog - Engage Content, Scarlet Merrill

Creating a great writing routine for your company blog | Engage Content

I’m not going to lie, blogging is hard work. You have to come up with a strong idea and then write a compelling text that people will want to read and get value from. And you already have 150 other things to do this week… so here are my tips for organising your writing routine and getting the most out of your writing time… [Read the article…]

New Frontiers workshop: How to find customers - Scarlet Merrill

New Frontiers workshop: How to find customers | New Frontiers

Finding and retaining customers was the subject of Thursday’s workshop, which was facilitated by Alan Costello of Ruby Consulting, a strategy- and innovation-focused boutique consultancy. Alan has worked with numerous small/early-stage/HPSU companies, and as a founder himself has great insight into the reality of startup life… [Read the article…]

John Teeling on entrepreneurship and the future of business - Scarlet Merrill

John Teeling on entrepreneurship and the future of business | New Frontiers

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few decades, John Teeling is the intellectual, globe-trotting founder of Cooley Whiskey and the man who has had more companies listed on the London Stock Exchange than anyone else from Ireland. With current interests predominantly in energy and mining, he’s been a force of nature in the business world since he left academia at the age of 41… [Read the article…]

Avoid starting a company blog that has nothing to say - Scarlet Merrill

Avoid starting a company blog that has nothing to say | Engage Content

In a small company, blogging is often an additional task given to one of the team, and the first thing to slide when things get busy. Often, it’s at just the time when things get interesting that the company blog turns into a graveyard – which means they’re missing out on the chance to share good news, get feedback on a new product or feature, or retain their newly delighted clients… [Read the article…]

Innovation Vouchers: helping SMEs to develop creative solutions - Scarlet Merrill

Innovation Vouchers: helping SMEs to develop creative solutions | New Frontiers

Innovation Vouchers are an excellent way for companies to tap into leading research expertise in order to develop a solution or product at the pre-commercial stage. The scheme allows businesses to improve their innovation capability and builds links between Ireland’s public sector knowledge providers and the SME community… [Read the article…]

Marketing startup content production - Scarlet Merrill

Is it too soon to start marketing? | Engage Content

It’s natural to want everything to be “just so” before you start trying to attract customers to your product or service. But if you wait for everything to be perfect, it could be years before you’re ready to launch… in the meantime you’ve missed all those opportunities to connect with your community and get valuable input from customers… [Read the article…]

Marketing is everything, the evolution of marketing - Scarlet Merrill

The evolution of marketing | Engage Content

Regis McKenna, technology marketing guru, said back in 1991 that “Marketing is Everything.” What did he mean by that? Well, Marketing used to be a department in a company. The Marketing Department’s job was to devise, control and project an image of the company to the outside world. Their role was seen as distinct from the rest of the company and their only real goal was to increase sales… [Read the article…]

What is quality content? - Scarlet Merrill

What is quality content? | Engage Content

If you’ve decided to use content marketing to increase your online visibility, there are a number of things you should consider. The first one we’ll look at is quality, as this is an important component of a successful inbound campaign. But what is quality content and how do you create it?.. [Read the article…]

Putting the heart into your brand - Scarlet Merrill

Putting the heart into your brand | Engage Content

A lot of companies have accepted the reality that by engaging with their employees and helping them to fulfil their ambitions and develop their skills, they end up with a motivated workforce that is more efficient. And, of course, a happier workforce means a lower turnover of staff and avoids all the costs that constantly replacing team members entails… [Read the article…]

I'd like you to rethink your marketing strategy - Scarlet Merrill

I’d like you to rethink your marketing strategy | Engage Content

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently thinking about what works and what doesn’t in our new, hyper-connected digital society. Marketing has changed dramatically since the dawn of social and there’s no denying that the brands that do well are those that find a way to connect with their fans that goes beyond the simple broadcasting of an advertising message and actually engage with clients… [Read the article…]