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How To Make A Great Marketing Plan For 2021 Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

How To Create A Great Content Marketing Strategy For 2021

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Have you ever strolled into a room in your house with the same confidence and gusto you’ve entered with a thousand times before, only to be hit with the chilling…
Human brand experience strategy - why you should ditch your old approach to brand marketing - Engage Content

Why You Should Ditch Your Old Approach To Brand Marketing

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If you’re serious about building a brand strategy fit for the coming decade, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and get ready to change how you deliver…
Social Media 5 Secrets To Salon Success On Instagram - Engage Content Marketing Dublin

Social Media: 5 Secrets To Salon Success On Instagram

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This article was originally written for Fringe, the Irish magazine for salon directors and owners, stylists and creatives. Instagram is so many things. It’s where your friends share their personal…
Engage Content The benefits of having a marketing mentor to grow your business

The Benefits Of Working With A Marketing Mentor To Grow Your Business

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Mentors don’t just tell you what to do. A good mentor is a little like a therapist, empowering you to find options, evaluate choices, and gain insights.
Gridspiration - ideas and inspiration for Instagram content and aesthetic Justine Durnin Engage Content Marketing Dublin

Gridspiration – Ideas And Inspiration For Instagram Content And Aesthetic

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From planning your approach to creating a backlog of potential images to reaching your audience, here's a helpful list of inspiring Instagrams to light a fire under your lacklustre motivation.
Want €2,500 to bump up your marketing budget Apply for a Trading Online Voucher from your Local Enterprise Office!

Get A €2.5k Local Enterprise Office Grant For Marketing And Trading Online

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What is a Trading Online Voucher and what can it do for your SME? Grants of €2,500 can get you a range of marketing and advertising services.
How To Manage Your Agency The Art Of Great Feedback - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

How To Manage Your Agency – The Art Of Great Feedback

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Giving good feedback is hard. If you struggle with briefing and managing creative teams – designers, web developers, ad creators, content writers, video producers, to name a few – take…
The Marketing Dictionary for Non-Marketers - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

The Marketing Dictionary For Non-Marketers

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Every industry has its buzzwords and the world of marketing is no different. CTA, SEO, CSS, CTR, SERP – all acronyms that fly with ease from the marketer’s mouth, but…
Building social media communities for non-profit groups and organisations - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Building Social Media Communities For Nonprofit Groups And Organisations

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Have a limited budget? Stuck for time? But need to build an online community for your charity or nonprofit fast? If you’re nodding along, then the good news is that…
Why does your business need video for marketing - Engage Content Agency - Dublin Ireland

Why Does Your Business Need Video For Marketing?

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For a couple of years now, Facebook has been loudly shouting about how video is the future of social media, of the internet… OF EVERYTHING. While that remains to be…
In-house v outsourced marketing - choosing the right solution for your business - Engage Content

In-House V Outsourced Marketing – What’s Right For Your Business?

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Building a cutting-edge marketing team for your small business can be tough. Before you start, here's a look at what kind of value you can expect from outsourcing to an…
4 advanced targeting tactics for your Google AdWords campaign - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

4 Ways To Hyper-Target With Google Ads In 2019

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Google’s revamp of AdWords to Google Ads has made online advertising easier than ever before. However, creating an ad that actually gets results by effectively targeting a specific audience… well,…
Marketing ROI what metrics should you measure - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Marketing ROI: What Business Metrics Should You Measure?

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If you’re marketing your brand and feel you’re having some success with it, but aren’t exactly sure how much, it’s probably time to think more clearly about KPIs. If your…
What is dark social - a how-to guide for marketing in the unknown

What Is Dark Social? A How-To Guide For Marketing In The Unknown

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Are you afraid of the dark social? I don’t know about you, but hearing the term dark social being thrown about with wild abandon for the last year has been…
Get up and running with IGTV - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

How To Use Instagram’s IGTV To Market Your Business

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At this stage, if you don’t know what Instagram is, you’ve been hiding under a very large, very heavy rock. IGTV, on the other hand, is a relatively new toy for…
7 ways to take your marketing strategy from blah to deadly (#longread) - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

7 Steps To Transforming Your Business Marketing Strategy

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We have a list of rules pinned to the wall in Engage HQ - the seven tenets of marketing philosophy that we try to apply to everything we do, whether that’s…
How much should I spend on marketing my business - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

How Much Should I Spend On Marketing My Business?

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When a new client comes to us, they often don’t have a marketing budget in mind. Before we can even begin to establish a quote, we have to work out…
Business in Wonderland your guide to surviving social media - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Business In Wonderland: Your Guide To Surviving Social Media

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You are Alice, welcome to Wonderland! You’ve chased the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and, hooked by his promise of adventure, you enter his domain. This is what it…
Gated content for building your email list - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

How To Use Gated Content For Growing Your Email List And More

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After a long year of talking about it and preparing for it, GDPR is finally in effect and our personal data is that bit more secure. Hoorah! But how is…
How get the best out of a digital marketing agency (and avoid being an agency hopper!) - Engage Content - Dublin

How To Get The Best Out Of A Digital Marketing Agency (And Avoid Being An Agency Hopper!)

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You’ve weighed up the pros and cons and decided that outsourcing your digital marketing function is the way to go. But how can you get the best out of this…
3 psychological tactics to boost your content marketing strategy Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

3 Psychological Tactics To Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing is strategic. If you can get it right, it will bring long-term gains to your business. A high-profile online presence results in ongoing benefits like increasing website traction…
The ego driving social media -Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Did You Know That Marketers Have The Highest EQ In The Office?

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It is no surprise that the office hero, for having the highest emotional intelligence, is the marketer in the room. Yes, these are the minds finely attuned to what makes…
4 reasons why email marketing (still) works - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

4 Reasons Why Newsletters – AKA Mass Email Marketing – (Still) Work

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When it comes to communication technology, email may be an old timer in comparison to SMS, IM, video calls and augmented reality selfie messaging, but it still has more than…
7 steps to rebooting your marketing strategy - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

Reboot Your Business Marketing Strategy In 7 Easy Steps

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How to streamline your marketing strategy to deliver a more coherent, considered and engaging online presence. These 7 simple steps will get you there, even if you're not an expert…
User behaviour and why your content needs to adapt - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

User Behaviour: Why Your Content Needs To Adapt For Better UX

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The value of text content has not changed because of the digital age, however, HOW people consume this content has. To assume that off-screen content is consumed in the same…
Think global with a website localisation strategy - Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Think Global With A Website Localisation (L10N) Strategy

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With some 3 billion potential consumers online, localising your digital content can no longer be an afterthought. Targeting local markets is requires more than simply translating content into local languages,…
Getting your content seen on social media - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

Getting Your Marketing Content Seen On Social Media

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Getting organic reach on social these days is an uphill battle. You may want to push your offering out in front with paid advertising. We look at how the advertising…
A trip down marketing lane Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

A Trip Down Marketing Lane (video)

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What exactly is marketing, and what are its origins? We take a walk down marketing lane and look at how it has evolved over time... from the era of 'supply…
What makes a digital marketer - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

What Makes A Digital Marketer?

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Digital marketers are multitaskers who can marry creative flair with business savvy. In any given day they'll work on blogs, newsletters, reports, social network updates, landing pages, videos, marketing graphics...…
Blogging myths vs reality Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Blogging: The Myths And The Reality

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There is a huge amount of sometimes conflicting advice about blogging online – how to blog, when to blog, how to get results, etc. It can often seem a little…
Understand your competition, but don't copy them - Engage content marketing agency - Dublin

Understand Your Competition, But Don’t Copy Them

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Building a good website, especially when you're an established business with a diverse offering, is a complicated task. There's also the wider context to consider, the industry, the market, and…
Why is LinkedIn a must for companies and individuals? - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

Why Is LinkedIn A Must For Companies And Individuals?

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Lots of people you know are on LinkedIn, but you're not sure it's really necessary... do people actually need a LinkedIn profile these days? Should an SME or local company…
Marketing: truth, lies and grey areas - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

Marketing: Truth, Lies And Grey Areas

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When a business publishes a blog, creates a video or posts an image on their social media, they have their fingers crossed in the hope it will go viral. Therefore,…
Five ways your website is hurting your business Engage Content Marketing

5 Ways Your Website Is Hurting Your Business

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If you aren’t expert in this area, or have taken advice from the wrong people, there are lots of ways your website could be letting you down. Here are a…
Marketing and mental health - Engage Content Marketing Dublin

Marketing And Mental Health Awareness

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Mental illness - two words that carry an inordinate amount of stigma. As a subject that is becoming increasingly current in everyday life, and as we learn more about the…
Irish language Engage Content Marketing Agency

Tech Will Tell What Lies In Store For The Irish Language

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Minority languages are set to meet their biggest challenge yet in today’s climate and with the world becoming increasingly reliant on technology, English has been reinforced as the lingua franca.…
Content marketing tips for startups - Engage content marketing - dublin

Content Marketing Tips For Startups

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As a startup, you’re always looking for ways to find new clients and grow awareness about your brand. But unless you just won the lottery, you’re probably also looking for…
Creating a great writing routine for your company blog - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

Creating A Great Writing Routine For Your Company Blog

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I’m not going to lie, blogging is hard work. You have to come up with a strong idea and then write a compelling text that people will want to read…
Avoid starting a company blog that has nothing to say - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

Avoid Starting A Company Blog That Has Nothing To Say

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All too many business blogs start with a flurry of excitement and activity, only to end up languishing, abandoned, in a dusty corner of the company website. Establishing why you…
Is it too soon to start marketing? - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

Is It Too Soon To Start Marketing Your Business?

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It’s natural to want everything to be “just so” before you start trying to attract customers to your product or service… in the meantime you've missed all those opportunities to…
The evolution of digital marketing - Engage Content Marketing Agency

The Evolution Of Digital Marketing

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"Relationships are the key, the basis of customer choice and company adaptation. After all, what is a successful brand but a special relationship? And who better than a company’s marketing…
What is quality content - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

What Is Quality Content In Marketing?

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Content is everywhere! So, if you’ve decided to use content marketing to increase your online visibility, you'll need to ensure that your content is of the highest possible quality. But…
Putting the heart into your brand - Engage Content Marketing Agency

Putting The Heart Into Your Brand

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In today’s digital landscape, the companies that put their heart into their online presence are the ones making big strides when it comes to engagement. It’s not enough to just…
I'd like you to rethink your marketing strategy - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

I’d Like You To Rethink Your Marketing Strategy

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Marketing has changed dramatically since the dawn of ‘social’, and there’s no denying that the brands that do well are those that find a way to connect with their fans…
Marketing shouldn't leave you feeling dirty - Engage Content Marketing Agency - Dublin

Marketing Shouldn’t Leave You Feeling Dirty

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Viral campaigns should go viral because they engage people in a positive way, not because they trick people. People should want to share them because they’re brilliant, or heart-rending, or…