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Engage Content What makes a good digital marketer

What makes a digital marketer?

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Digital marketers are multitaskers who can marry creative flair with business savvy. In any given day they’ll work on blogs, newsletters, reports, social network updates, landing pages, videos, marketing graphics… it’s a packed workload!

Blogging myths vs reality Engage Content Marketing Dublin

Blogging: the myths and the reality

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There is a huge amount of sometimes conflicting advice about blogging online – how to blog, when to blog, how to get results, etc. It can often seem a little overwhelming, not to say off-putting. So before you decide if blogging is the right inbound tactic for your business, let’s bust a few myths about it!

Understand your competition, but don't copy them

Understand your competition, but don’t copy them

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Building a good website, especially when you’re an established business with a diverse offering, is a complicated task. There’s also the wider context to consider, the industry, the market, and of course the socio-economic climate. Positioning a brand for success is both a delicate and complex task.

Engage Content Marketing Company personal profile why LinkedIn is a must

Company and/or personal profile: why LinkedIn is a must

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Lots of people you know are on LinkedIn, but you’re not sure it’s really necessary… do people actually need a LinkedIn profile these days? Should an SME or local company have a LinkedIn page? Is this just for large/multinational brands?

Marketing - truth lies and grey areas - Engage Content

Marketing: truth, lies and grey areas

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When a business publishes a blog, creates a video or posts an image on their social media, they have their fingers crossed in the hope it will go viral. Therefore, if the truth is not popular anymore then the only way some businesses can see to fulfil this goal is to skew the truth.

Five ways your website is hurting your business Engage Content Marketing

Five ways your website is hurting your business

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If you aren’t expert in this area, or have taken advice from the wrong people, there are lots of ways your website could be letting you down. Here are a few examples of problems that could actually be turning clients away, or stopping them from even finding you in the first place.

positive mental health messages in marketing

Marketing and mental health

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Mental illness – two words that carry an inordinate amount of stigma. As a subject that is becoming increasingly current in everyday life, and as we learn more about the many different forms it can take, I want to take a moment to think about how we can use modern day marketing to promote awareness for positive mental health.

Irish Engage Content Dylan Redmond writing copywriting

Tech will tell what lies in store for the Irish language

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Minority languages are set to meet their biggest challenge yet in today’s climate and with the world becoming increasingly reliant on technology, English has been reinforced as the lingua franca. The majority of the technological infrastructure that dominates our world is provided through English, which certainly poses a threat towards minority languages.

Content marketing tips for startups

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As a startup, you’re always looking for ways to find new clients and grow awareness about your brand. But unless you just won the lottery, you’re probably also looking for ways to publicise your business that don’t cost the Earth. And no doubt at some point you heard about “content marketing” and thought: that sounds great, we’ll do that!

How to write a business blog - Engage Content, Scarlet Merrill

Creating a great writing routine for your company blog

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I’m not going to lie, blogging is hard work. You have to come up with a strong idea and then write a compelling text that people will want to read and get value from. And you already have 150 other things to do this week… so here are my tips for organising your writing routine and getting the most out of your writing time.

Avoid starting a company blog that has nothing to say

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All too many business blogs start with a flurry of excitement and activity, only to end up languishing, abandoned, in a dusty corner of the company website. Establishing why you are going to start a company blog, who it’s for and what you’re going to publish on it is crucial to creating a sustainable blog presence…

Is it too soon to start marketing?

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It’s natural to want everything to be “just so” before you start trying to attract customers to your product or service… in the meantime you’ve missed all those opportunities to connect with your community.

The evolution of marketing

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“Relationships are the key, the basis of customer choice and company adaptation. After all, what is a successful brand but a special relationship? And who better than a company’s marketing people to create, sustain, and interpret the relationship between the company, its suppliers, and its customers?”

What is quality content?

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Content is everywhere! So, if you’ve decided to use content marketing to increase your online visibility, you’ll need to ensure that your content is of the highest possible quality. But what is quality content and how do you create it?

Putting the heart into your brand

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In today’s digital landscape, the companies that put their heart into their online presence are the ones making big strides when it comes to engagement. It’s not enough to just say “we put you first,” you have to really care about the people who buy your products or services.

I’d like you to rethink your marketing strategy

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Marketing has changed dramatically since the dawn of ‘social’, and there’s no denying that the brands that do well are those that find a way to connect with their fans that goes beyond the simple broadcasting of an advertising message and actually engage with clients.

Marketing shouldn’t leave you feeling dirty

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Viral campaigns should go viral because they engage people in a positive way, not because they trick people. People should want to share them because they’re brilliant, or heart-rending, or funny, or teach you something you didn’t know.