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Social Media 5 Secrets To Salon Success On Instagram Engage Content Marketing Dublin

This article was originally written for Fringe, the Irish magazine for salon directors and owners, stylists and creatives. Instagram is so many things. It’s where your friends share their personal milestones, artists display their masterpieces, foodies archive their gastronomic adventures, celebrities connect with their fans and businesses sell their wares. But where do hair salons …

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Gridspiration ideas and inspiration for Instagram content and aesthetic Justine Durnin Engage Content Marketing Dublin

From planning your approach to creating a backlog of potential images to reaching your audience, here’s a helpful list of inspiring Instagrams to light a fire under your lacklustre motivation.

Why does your business need video for marketing Engage Content Agency Dublin Ireland

For a couple of years now, Facebook has been loudly shouting about how video is the future of social media, of the internet… OF EVERYTHING. While that remains to be seen (to be frank, we’re a little concerned by Facebook’s underlying motive because they supposedly inflated all their figures in order to make their prediction …

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What is dark social a how to guide for marketing in the unknown

Are you afraid of the dark social? I don’t know about you, but hearing the term dark social being thrown about with wild abandon for the last year has been giving me chills. I’ve gone from trying to guess its meaning (something to do with deep web pirates having parties?) to drastically misunderstanding and distrusting …

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Get up and running with IGTV Engage Content Dublin

At this stage, if you don’t know what Instagram is, you’ve been hiding under a very large, very heavy rock. IGTV, on the other hand, is a relatively new toy for all us overgrown children – sorry, I meant business people – to play with. Touted as the one to rival YouTube, Instagram’s video streaming channel …

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Justine Business in Wonderland your guide to surviving social media Engage Content Dublin

You are Alice, welcome to Wonderland! You’ve chased the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and, hooked by his promise of adventure, you enter his domain. This is what it can feel like to join social media as a business. Armed with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and maybe even LinkedIn accounts, you are ready to discover …

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