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How To Make A Great Marketing Plan For 2021 Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Have you ever strolled into a room in your house with the same confidence and gusto you’ve entered with a thousand times before, only to be hit with the chilling anxiety of having absolutely no idea what in God’s name has brought you there?? You find yourself aimlessly suspended in a state of paralysis as …

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Want €2500 to bump up your marketing budget Apply for a Trading Online Voucher from your Local Enterprise Office

What is a Trading Online Voucher and what can it do for your SME? Grants of €2,500 can get you a range of marketing and advertising services.

The Marketing Dictionary for Non Marketers Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Every industry has its buzzwords and the world of marketing is no different. CTA, SEO, CSS, CTR, SERP – all acronyms that fly with ease from the marketer’s mouth, but all too often to the befuddlement of their clients. Whose fault is it? In this case, we’re sorry to admit it would be the marketer’s. …

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Gated content for building your email list Engage Content Dublin

After a long year of talking about it and preparing for it, GDPR is finally in effect and our personal data is that bit more secure. Hoorah! But how is your email list looking now that we’re post-D-Day? For the solicitous companies that launched a re-opt-in campaign, gently pleading with their audience to tick the …

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How get the best out of a digital marketing agency and avoid being an agency hopper Engage Content Dublin

You’ve weighed up the pros and cons and decided that outsourcing your digital marketing function is the way to go. But how can you get the best out of this new relationship with a marketing agency?..

The ego driving social media Engage Content Dublin

It is no surprise that the office hero, for having the highest emotional intelligence, is the marketer in the room. Yes, these are the minds finely attuned to what makes humans tick…

4 reasons why email marketing still works Engage Content Dublin

When it comes to communication technology, email may be an old timer in comparison to SMS, IM, video calls and augmented reality selfie messaging, but it still has more than a few tricks up its sleeve.

User behaviour and why your content needs to adapt Engage Content Dublin

The value of text content has not changed because of the digital age, however, HOW people consume this content has. To assume that off-screen content is consumed in the same way as digital content would be a mistake.

How to get your amazing content seen on social media Engage Content

Getting organic reach on social these days is an uphill battle. You may want to push your offering out in front with paid advertising. We look at how the advertising tools on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram can help you grow your audiences and engagement.

A trip down marketing lane Engage Content

What exactly is marketing, and what are its origins? We take a walk down marketing lane and look at how it has evolved over time… from the era of ‘supply creates its own demand’ to today’s noisy and all-pervasive marketing landscape.

What makes a digital marketer Engage Content 1

Digital marketers are multitaskers who can marry creative flair with business savvy. In any given day they’ll work on blogs, newsletters, reports, social network updates, landing pages, videos, marketing graphics… it’s a packed workload!

Engage Content Marketing Company personal profile why LinkedIn is a must

Lots of people you know are on LinkedIn, but you’re not sure it’s really necessary… do people actually need a LinkedIn profile these days? Should an SME or local company have a LinkedIn page? Is this just for large/multinational brands?

Marketing truth lies and grey areas Engage Content Dublin

When a business publishes a blog, creates a video or posts an image on their social media, they have their fingers crossed in the hope it will go viral. Therefore, if the truth is not popular anymore then the only way some businesses can see to fulfil this goal is to skew the truth.