Scarlet Bierman

Founder & Ethical Marketing Activist at Engage. I create and deliver holistic strategies that are all about driving sales through great customer experiences. My passions are food and wine, collecting books, sustainable agriculture, innovation, politics, and pedantry. Motto: you don't make a plural by adding an apostrophe before the s!

2023 Is The Perfect Time To Develop An Ethical Marketing Strategy

Ethical marketing involves the responsible and transparent promotion of products or services, taking into account the potential impact on consumers, society, and the environment. This can include things like being truthful in advertising, respecting privacy, and being socially and environmentally responsible. But why is ethical marketing practice distinct from marketing as usual? This article will …

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Should Your Brand Be On Social Media

Social media sites aren’t going away, even if some of us think that might be a good thing. Last December, TikTok surpassed Facebook and Google as the most popular destination on the internet globally. So it’s not surprising that most businesses assume that they will succeed if only they put time and money into being …

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Human brand experience strategy why you should ditch your old approach to brand marketing Engage Content

If you’re serious about building a brand strategy fit for the coming decade, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and get ready to change how you deliver every aspect of your product or service. In 2020 and beyond, the brands successfully positioning themselves for growth are those that focus on delivering a …

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Engage Content The benefits of having a marketing mentor to grow your business

Mentors don’t just tell you what to do. A good mentor is a little like a therapist, empowering you to find options, evaluate choices, and gain insights.

How To Manage Your Agency The Art Of Great Feedback Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

Giving good feedback is hard. If you struggle with briefing and managing creative teams – designers, web developers, ad creators, content writers, video producers, to name a few – take heart in knowing that you are far from being the first. But teams NEED feedback, it’s crucial for the creative process. Being a productive partner …

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In house v outsourced marketing choosing the right solution for your business Engage Content

Building a cutting-edge marketing team for your small business can be tough. Before you start, here’s a look at what kind of value you can expect from outsourcing to an agency.

Marketing ROI what metrics should you measure Engage Content Marketing Agency Dublin

If you’re marketing your brand and feel you’re having some success with it, but aren’t exactly sure how much, it’s probably time to think more clearly about KPIs. If your previous tactic was to log into your Analytics, click around a few times, then choke back the overwhelming sense of panic and shut it down …

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7 ways to take your marketing strategy from blah to deadly longread

We have a list of rules pinned to the wall in Engage HQ – the seven tenets of marketing philosophy that we try to apply to everything we do, whether that’s work for ourselves or for our clients. We’ve thought long and hard about them, and while they aren’t set in stone and are liable to …

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How much should I spend on marketing my business Engage Content Dublin

When a new client comes to us, they often don’t have a marketing budget in mind. Before we can even begin to establish a quote, we have to work out what a reasonable marketing budget is for them. Only once that’s established can we decide if we’re able to deliver results for them. There are …

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7 steps to rebooting your marketing strategy Engage content Dublin

How to streamline your marketing strategy to deliver a more coherent, considered and engaging online presence. These 7 simple steps will get you there, even if you’re not an expert marketer!

Think global with a website localisation strategy Engage Content Dublin

With some 3 billion potential consumers online, localising your digital content can no longer be an afterthought. Targeting local markets is requires more than simply translating content into local languages, and even the process of translation needs careful consideration.

Blogging myths vs reality Engage Content Marketing Dublin

There is a huge amount of sometimes conflicting advice about blogging online – how to blog, when to blog, how to get results, etc. It can often seem a little overwhelming, not to say off-putting. So before you decide if blogging is the right inbound tactic for your business, let’s bust a few myths about it!

Understand your competition but dont copy them

Building a good website, especially when you’re an established business with a diverse offering, is a complicated task. There’s also the wider context to consider, the industry, the market, and of course the socio-economic climate. Positioning a brand for success is both a delicate and complex task.

Five ways your website is hurting your business Engage Content Marketing

If you aren’t expert in this area, or have taken advice from the wrong people, there are lots of ways your website could be letting you down. Here are a few examples of problems that could actually be turning clients away, or stopping them from even finding you in the first place.

content marketing engage scarlet merrill 1

As a startup, you’re always looking for ways to find new clients and grow awareness about your brand. But unless you just won the lottery, you’re probably also looking for ways to publicise your business that don’t cost the Earth. And no doubt at some point you heard about “content marketing” and thought: that sounds great, we’ll do that!

write blog engage content production 1 1

I’m not going to lie, blogging is hard work. You have to come up with a strong idea and then write a compelling text that people will want to read and get value from. And you already have 150 other things to do this week… so here are my tips for organising your writing routine and getting the most out of your writing time.

how to start a blog content marketing 1 1

All too many business blogs start with a flurry of excitement and activity, only to end up languishing, abandoned, in a dusty corner of the company website. Establishing why you are going to start a company blog, who it’s for and what you’re going to publish on it is crucial to creating a sustainable blog presence…

Is it too soon to start marketing

It’s natural to want everything to be “just so” before you start trying to attract customers to your product or service… in the meantime you’ve missed all those opportunities to connect with your community.

The evolution of marketing Engage Content

“Relationships are the key, the basis of customer choice and company adaptation. After all, what is a successful brand but a special relationship? And who better than a company’s marketing people to create, sustain, and interpret the relationship between the company, its suppliers, and its customers?”

What is quality content Engage Content

Content is everywhere! So, if you’ve decided to use content marketing to increase your online visibility, you’ll need to ensure that your content is of the highest possible quality. But what is quality content and how do you create it?

Putting the heart into your brand Engage Content

In today’s digital landscape, the companies that put their heart into their online presence are the ones making big strides when it comes to engagement. It’s not enough to just say “we put you first,” you have to really care about the people who buy your products or services.

good marketing strategy content management 1

Marketing has changed dramatically since the dawn of ‘social’, and there’s no denying that the brands that do well are those that find a way to connect with their fans that goes beyond the simple broadcasting of an advertising message and actually engage with clients.