Putting The Heart Into Your Brand

Putting the heart into your brand Engage Content

Creating a positive experience for your customers

I started this blog a few weeks ago with a plea to marketers and businesses to consider taking a more holistic approach to their inbound strategies. So, let’s think about what this really means in practice…

A lot of companies have accepted the reality that by engaging with their employees and helping them to fulfil their ambitions and develop their skills, they end up with a motivated workforce that is more efficient. And, of course, a happier workforce means a lower turnover of staff and avoids all the costs that constantly replacing team members entails. Employees are happier and more productive: win win!

Thus far, many companies would be in agreement with such a philosophy. They can see a clear cost benefit and are happy to see employee development as a positive HR strategy. But, all too often, this is where they stop. They only look inward, and not outward, when it comes to putting value before greed.

It’s all about being human

What many companies fail to see is that this same strategy that works so well with their workforce can also work when applied to their client-base.  [Note to self: social enterprises are doing this kind of thing by default, so we’ll explore that in a future post.]

In today’s digital landscape, the companies that put their heart into their online presence are the ones making big strides when it comes to engagement. It’s not enough to just say “we put you first,” you have to really care about the people who buy your products or services. Such a philosophy has to come from deep down – it can’t be superficial. Work on these three pillars of a meaningful brand voice

Be transparent

Tell it how it is. Admit to your mistakes and make things right if they go wrong. Honesty is always the best policy and people are far more forgiving when a mea culpa is forthcoming.

Be helpful

What can you offer your customers? What knowledge do you have that you could share, how could you be of benefit to them and add value to your product?

Be yourself

People care about people, not faceless companies, so tell your story and don’t hide behind marketing-speak. There’s no substitute for being true to who you are; but don’t forget that clear, concise copy that’s well written will help you get your message across.

So there you have it. Don’t just try to sell, sell, sell. Put a little effort into giving of yourself and helping your customers to fulfil their own needs and aspirations. What are the benefits you can offer them, what knowledge do you have that would help them use your product or service to its full potential? How can you take them along on your journey and let them be part of your story?

Who dares, wins!

Are you ready to think about what can you offer your customers in order to build a trusting relationship? Get in touch to find out how we can help.