Visual, audio and video content is fast and easy to consume. Mixed graphics, branded images, and infographics draw people into your content and encourage them to engage with it. Videos and podcasts establish a brand, educate users or tell a story. This is where you can have some fun, be creative, and still pack a punch.

of YouTube viewers are looking for 'help with a problem'
of consumers want to see more video content from brands they support
of adults consume content on multiple devices at the same time

We’ve all found ourselves pausing to watch a video because it caught our eye as we scrolled down a timeline on Facebook or LinkedIn. Or sharing a meme on Twitter because of the picture that went with it. Multimedia content is the ideal way to boost the reach and engagement levels of your written content.

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Multimedia Content

To set yourself apart, visual content is as important as text-based content. With interactions happening across multiple channels and on multiple devices, it makes sense to have content in as many formats as possible. Multimedia content can help deliver your brand message to the widest possible audience, in the format they want.

Most people are visual learners, so visual aids will resonate with people more than text-only content. You may want video explainers for your website, or an infographic for Facebook, or a stylish cinemagraph for your Instagram. We’ll help you identify what types of multimedia content would best resonate with your prospects.

If you’re not already using video as part of your marketing strategy, you should start today. Video is high-value content; putting your brand into video lends a sense of authority to the work you do, and increases recognition. The brain processes and retains visual information much faster than text, so getting your key messages across this way is crucial.

Back up your written and video content with visual content that’s adapted to the channel being used. Gifs, memes, graphics, images, presentations, screenshots and infographics are all valuable in the quest for user engagement and we know where to post them and when.

Our Approach To Creative Media

We will identify with you where multimedia content can enhance your message and get you better engagement. We will source high-quality images, graphics and video footage (live and animated) and blend them together to create cross-channel experiences that drive conversions.

We know how to create the easily consumable multi-format content your audience is looking for. We’re careful to ensure that whatever is produced stays true to your brand voice and brand message.

Our Multimedia Services


From six-second teasers to animated explainer videos, for use across websites and social.


The perfect blend of image and text to communicate a message.


Back up a blog with stats or create standalone infographics.

Social images

A meme, a quote or a branded image to use natively on social.


Showcase your expertise, share your story and start conversations.


Formal or informal photoshoots of all kinds.

Live social media

Stream live from events or check in with your audiences in real time.

Gifs and cinemagraphs

Simple but effective, these little loops of loveliness always catch the eye.

Why Use Digital Media Services?

Good visual content is crucial if you want to build a brand that’s instantly recognisable. Particularly on social, you have only a split second to catch someone’s attention and, as the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words! These types of content are also a good way to get across the personality of your company and give people a flavour of what makes the team tick.

It takes just a quarter of a second for the human brain to process and attach meaning to a symbol. To help people discover the wonderful long-form and text-based content you have on offer, hook them with catchy videos and images!

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