Consumer expectations are rising. Customers are more empowered than ever and expect their needs to be met by the brands they interact with. Unfortunately, only 8% of them feel they are receiving a great customer experience. By ensuring better experiences from the very first point of contact to beyond the after-sales care offering, you can increase customer loyalty, reduce churn, and increase profits.

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Many organisations only consider customer experience (CX) in an after-sales context. However, by thinking of CX at every moment of interaction your company has with a prospect or customer, you can take that experience to the next level.

Customer Experience Strategies

At Engage Content, we firmly believe in placing customer experience at the heart of our marketing strategies. By nurturing the customer relationship at each of the various stages – awareness, discovery, cultivation, purchase, service, and advocacy – you can increase the chances of a prospect turning into a customer whilst simultaneously making your customer base more loyal.

There’s little point having an amazing marketing strategy that generates lots of leads if your process for dealing with those leads is sub-par. Just like there’s no point investing in a dynamite sales team if your after-sales care makes people want to tear their hair out. It’s essential to have a strategy that stretches from marketing right through to service delivery or customer care.

Good experiences can lead to sustainable growth because customers are at least three times more likely to recommend your product or service, and three times more likely to re-purchase from you. This kind of engaged customer is invaluable, but it takes a concerted approach to get there.

We talk a lot about brand voice in marketing, and it’s an important part of good CX. Every interaction with your business should feel consistent, so it’s important that all your teams are on the same page when it comes to communicating with prospects and clients. A good experience strategy will provide a framework for this and also help you measure results so that you can continue to improve.

Our Approach To Customer Experience

We work with you to establish a customer-focused vision for your brand. These principles will be clearly defined in a CX guide, which all employees can refer to. We can also train customer-facing staff to deliver on these principles in their communication. We will work on producing a library of coherent content that can be used by the team for different interactions that may have with prospects and clients.

We also undertake research to define the gap between your brand’s promise and delivery, talking to your customers to see where you do and do not meet their expectations. We deliver a clear strategy with defined processes, and help you to measure results.

Our Customer Experience Services


The values and principles that form the heart of your customer experience.

Company audit

What are the processes in place and how well do they work?

Customer research

How do customers perceive your brand and where do they feel let down?

Employee feedback

Understand team engagement and allow staff to brainstorm better CX solutions.

CX collateral

A library of content and templates that allow teams to deliver a coherent brand experience.


A clearly defined methodology for delivering the experience customers expect.

Customer journey mapping

Identifying the various touch points where a customer interacts with you.


Identifying and measuring the key customer experience metrics for your brand.

Why Have A Customer Experience Strategy?

One bad customer experience can ruin a brand’s reputation. But with a clear strategy in place, you can usually recover from a poor interaction, repairing the situation for that particular customer and reinforcing your image at the same time. It’s all about having a plan and knowing that your entire team is able to communicate your brand values.

That’s why it’s important to take a step back and evaluate how your company is perceived at each step of a customer journey. As an external expert in brand experience and brand voice, we can help you create a consistent, quality experience for everyone who interacts with your company.

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