A beautiful, informative website is obviously the most important piece of marketing collateral you could invest in. But there are lots of other products you can develop to back up your messaging and prolong the contact your prospects and customers have with your brand. Don’t forget to plan for marketing collateral in your marketing strategy.

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If you’re investing in content production, don’t stop at a website or social media updates. The content your business is already producing can be repurposed in a variety of ways, finding new audiences and increasing its ROI.

Creative Marketing Collateral

The first myth you should bust when it comes to content is that print is dead. It is very much alive. Yes, we talk a lot about online, but that’s just because of the volume of moments, transactions and information exchange that takes place there. Physical marketing supports are an important part of your marketing and communications strategy and should be given the priority they deserve.

But marketing collateral isn’t just about having a fancy printed brochure; there are many innovative and creative ways you can reach audiences. Take a look around your office… how many promotional products from other companies can you see?

What’s produced will depend on the company and the industry, but some common types of marketing collateral are branded products, catalogues, business cards, brochures, pull-ups, point of sale (POS) displays, flyers, personalised gifts, and direct mail. These types of leave-behind marketing are a brilliant way to continue building a relationship with a prospect after they have, in theory, stopped interacting with your brand.

The more unique, thoughtful and creative these elements are, the more long-lasting their impact. Like the inventive business card that’s so nice you don’t want to throw it in the bin, a clever piece of marketing collateral can drive people back to your digital channels time and again.

Our Approach To Marketing Collateral

We work with you to identify where your audiences are and what type of collateral would work best for them. We then look at your brand voice, messaging and goals to imagine new and creative ways to reach them. In some cases, this may stop at online collateral such as white papers or presentations, but in others this could extend into a direct marketing campaign or awards submissions. The only limit is your imagination.

The medium isn’t necessarily different to others you’ve tried before. What’s important is to be in the right place at the right time with something that catches your audience’s attention and then holds it with quality content.

Our Website Management Services


They may seem old hat, but people love having a physical brochure to flick through.

Case studies

Convince prospects from similar industries or with similar pain points.

Landing pages

For campaigns, promotions, special services, industry verticals or client types.

Business cards

Because they’re inexpensive, you can be as creative as you like!


A double spread feature in an industry magazine? Yes, please! Advertorials are marketing gold.

Sales presentations

Creative, personalised sales presentations are a great tool for converting prospects.

Banners, etc.

Pull-ups, banners, pop-up booths and other types of display marketing.

and more...

Don’t worry, we have plenty of other ideas up our sleeves 😉

Why Use Marketing Collateral?

Marketing is not a battle between online and offline, between print and digital. A holistic marketing strategy looks at every opportunity you have to make contact with prospects, and then at how you can revisit that contact to make a deeper connection with people.

You can be classic in your approach, or you could think completely outside the box. Whatever you need, we’re here to brainstorm creative solutions that repurpose your existing content in fresh ways.

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