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If you’re starting up a new business, or if your existing business feels like it could do with a marketing boost, working with an experienced mentor could be for you. This is the ideal way to break free from old patterns or simply add new skills to your toolkit, because it leaves you in the driving seat while ensuring you have a structured plan for improvements.

Lots of business owners enjoy working with a mentor because it keeps them motivated through periods of change or scale, provides an expert sounding board for ideation, and makes them accountable to someone outside the business so that tasks stay on track.

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Find a marketing mentor

Most successful business owners have worked with mentors and advisors. Marketing represents a significant area of investment, so it’s important that you spend your resources for this wisely – your time, potential hires, ad spend, agency services, freelancers, and software costs all mount up quickly. Do you have a plan? Do you know what your goals and metrics are? How will you measure success? It’s not possible to do every kind of marketing tactic on every channel; it’s important to know what you are doing, and why, so you have the best chance of getting results.

When you meet regularly with a mentor, you will get input and advice that helps you to action your marketing strategy effectively and efficiently This isn’t a case of someone telling you what to do, rather you will learn the skills and techniques required to either carry out marketing tasks yourself or oversee an employee. Together, we’ll identify goals and discuss how best to achieve them. There will be deadlines to meet and during your regular sessions we will look at your implementation and you will get feedback on what went right and where you can make improvements.

If you are committed to building your business, mentoring is a great way to help you prioritise, structure, and assess your marketing plan. You can get real answers to your burning questions, and learn from those who have gone before.

Help for your business

Mentoring is the perfect cost-effective solution for business owners who manage their own marketing but would appreciate an outside perspective. You will get dedicated one-to-one support from Engage Content’s founder, Scarlet Merrill. An experienced marketing and business mentor, Scarlet has over 25 years’ marketing experience; she’s worked in a wide range of industries and has a track record in B2B, B2C and G2C, working in the UK, France and Ireland.

Recent feedback from a mentee

“Scarlet mentored me from the very beginning at the conception stage of my business and really helped me focus on the type of clients I should be targeting. From there, we worked on the key digital marketing elements my business needed and what would propel me forward in achieving my goals. Whatever stage you’re at with your business, the guys at Engage can help you take a fresh look at what could move you forward in ways that you never would have thought yourself.”

Keelin O’Keeffe, KikiMoon & Simply Beautiful Content

How it works

Session 1

We start with a deep dive session. During this 2-hour meeting, we’ll discuss your business and its verticals, where you are up to with your marketing, and what skills and strengths you have that will benefit the marketing function. We will:

  • Audit your current marketing situation, your market, your customers
  • Analyse your needs and goals
  • Create a roadmap to where we want to be at the end of our sessions
  • Decide what KPIs we will measure and what success looks like
  • Identify the top priority jobs
  • Fix our future meetings in the diary so you have a schedule to keep to
Sessions 2 to 6

The following sessions will last 1 hour and be held every two weeks (if you’re in an accelerated phase, we can make this weekly). At these meetings, we will:

  • Review the tasks you have done and evaluate their execution
  • Measure results and discuss what’s working and what isn’t
  • Answer any questions that have come up
  • Give feedback on any specific issues you have
  • Discuss techniques or tools that can help you to accomplish your tasks
  • Provide inspiration if you’re feeling unmotivated
  • Create a to-do list of the next priorities

Cost: just €700 + VAT for the full mentoring package of 6 sessions as described above. If you prefer to book mentoring sessions individually, the cost is €130 per session (no deep-dive session).

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