Social networks are one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Billions of people are on social networks every day, that’s billions of potential customers. Investing in social media will help you to increase brand awareness, build trust, drive traffic to your website and increase customer loyalty. If you’re looking for engagement, this is where it all starts!

of Irish people have a Facebook account (nearly half use it daily)
Irish people are on Instagram daily
of Irish users check their device within five minutes of waking up

Do you know what #FOMO is? Do you know when is the perfect time to post a dogfie? Do you know what a dogfie is? Social media can be a scary proposition to the uninitiated, with each channel having its own dos and don’ts.

Managing Your Social Networks

Whilst you may think of your company as B2B or B2C, the fact is you’re in the H2H business. Humans are the decision makers, no matter the industry or sector. And humans hang out on social media… it’s where they discover, laugh, cry, learn, share and buy. Every day, billions of conversations are happening on social media, and if you’re not there too you’re missing out.

A good quality social media presence will give prospects an insight into your business that you simply can’t get across on your website alone. It also humanises your brand and makes people more likely to trust you.

As a fast way of delivering information, nothing beats a social network profile. Answer questions your prospects have, address roadblocks, give support, and deliver after-sales care. You don’t have to invest in or build the technology, just create an account and start delivering great customer experiences instantly.

The best way to have a start a conversation is by talking. And, believe it or not, a conversation’s better when there is more than one person involved. Social media is part of our everyday lives and a go-to for anyone seeking information about a business they’re thinking of working with.

Our Approach To Social Media

We create and publish cross-channel, multi-format content with your business goals in mind, at a frequency agreed with you. We can manage your company’s accounts, but we can also help with content for the personal LinkedIn accounts of key personnel. We schedule so that your updates hit timelines at the optimum moment, researching hashtags and other tactics to improve your reach and engagement.

Whatever we do on social media, we’re careful to represent your company in a way that’s true to your brand values, tone of voice, personality, and target audience.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Multi-format content

Branded images, videos, graphics, teasers, memes, gifs, cinemagraphs, infographics…

Posting on networks

Timely, impactful posts to communicate with your audience.

Community building

Following the right people, finding your audience wherever they are online.


Joining in the conversations that matter and keeping up with what’s new.

Inbox monitoring

Keeping an eye on DMs to ensure questions get answered and promises are followed up on.


Think hashtags are trivial? Think again! When to use, what to use, we have you covered.

Facebook live

For those moments when you’re where it’s at. Live brings the experience right to your customers.


Instagram’s streaming channel is the biggest thing you’re missing right now.

Why Use Social Media Marketing Services?

With reviews, direct messages, subtweets, and trolls, having productive conversations online is becoming a more difficult task by the day. Maintaining a relevant and appropriate presence on social media is a time-consuming and occasionally dangerous task.

Having your social networks managed by the experts means you can focus on doing what you do best. From Piers Morgan on Twitter to dodgy Facebook groups, we know how to navigate the pitfalls of a life online.

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