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I want everyone to know me. I’m the name on the lips, the whisper in the crowd. Undeniable. Unavoidable. I want a fucking big logo that makes people look at me. I want Insta influencers, TikTok dancers, and YouTube chancers. Give me catchy hashtags, memes, and an army of followers who don’t know what they mean. I want to be the voice of a generation, the trendsetter. Give me a viral dance, a philosophy, a catchy jingle that sticks in your head, my very own trademarked colour. I want ads that are art and commercials that look like movies. Let's make people laugh. Let’s make sure they take me seriously. I want to be the brand of the people – exclusive yet affordable and somehow unattainable. I want to be edgy but not too edgy. Don’t offend anyone, but let's not be forgettable. I need to be everywhere, on every platform, in everyone’s face, all the time. People should know I'm all about sustainability. I want a mascot, something cute but not too cute. Cool but approachable. Like me. My ads should be ironic. I mean iconic. I want to stand for authenticity, real people, real stories. Let’s photoshop that pic just a bit, add a filter – authenticity looks better when it's enhanced. I stand for everything: freedom, happiness, wisdom, youth. I’m timeless, yet so now. How do I get into more magazines, streams, feeds, dreams? I need a slogan that sums up everything I’ve ever said or done. I don’t want a campaign; I want a movement. I'm not selling a product; I'm selling a lifestyle, a dream. I want to be everything anyone ever wanted, everything they think they need. To be the answer to questions no one even asked. Who needs consistency when you've got class?

In 2024, ethics won't just be a paragraph in the annual report but the backbone of good marketing strategy. That's why our agency is evolving. In 2024, we'll help you deliver on trust, real experiences, and sustainability. You can be the loudest voice in the room or the most thoughtful one - grounded and community-focused. You can build a business on the borrowed land of paid reach and click ads, or you can build it on direct and honest relationships. At Engage, we choose integrity every time. Join us.
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